We give physical form to creative ideas.

Working with an ever-growing network of skilled artisans, our range of abilities is essentially limitless. Whether creating artwork for exhibit or constructing a window display, everything we do is created to the highest standards possible, using the most appropriate and cost-effective methods.McGuire-12

Blue Square principal, David McGuire, has studied engineering, mathematics, contemporary art, cultural studies, and has trained in a multitude of fabrication techniques.

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Our studio endeavours to create meaningful objects. Sensitive to concept and context, we give physical form to creative ideas.

We engage with and provide opportunities for many local artisans, builders and manufacturers; offering our clients a single point of contact to the vast creative talent of our network.

We believe that fabrication techniques need to be as varied as the aesthetic challenges of each new project. Our network of problem solvers, designers, and ‘makers’ gives us a virtually unlimited range of skills and abilities.

We are equipped to work with wood/metal fabrication, sculpting/casting in various materials, spray-finishing, scenic painting, motorized electronics, etc.

We are thinkers as well as makers. Balancing the conceptual goals of the client with practical possibilities, we work to find the most elegant solution rather than the most available solution.

Our goal is to reach an elegant solution, for every project. Whether large-scale or small, rushed or paced, every project can be thoughtfully (and beautifully) made.